4 Ways to Secure Your Cloud Datacenter

If your company is like most, it’s probably at least considering connecting a cloud datacenter to the WAN.  Research  shows that as of the end of last year, 90% of surveyed companies were using cloud services with 57% claiming hybrid cloud deployments.  

But before you can unleash the power of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or any other Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, you need to get to the cloud, and that’s a lot harder than it sounds. Continuing to backhaul Internet and cloud traffic adds too much latency and consumes costly MPLS bandwidth. Besides, you’re still left with finding a way to connect mobile users to the cloud without compromising visibility, security, and performance.  So what’s the right approach?

For help answering that question, check out this new eBook, “4 Ways to Connect & Secure Your Cloud Datacenter.” It’s a compilation of insights and tricks we’ve gathered from serving enterprises around the globe, and here at Cato.

Read the eBook and you’ll learn:

  • The four networking architectures for securely connecting clouds to your WAN.
  • The pros and cons of those architectures.
  • The networking secrets as to why cloud applications often underperform
  • Practical tips on how to fix those performance problems.

You can read the eBook here.

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