Cloud Security Spotlight Report

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We are excited to sponsor the 2016 Cloud Security Survey. Cloud adoption, with its opportunities and challenges, is one of the most interesting Business and IT topics of this decade.

Organizations are increasingly looking to leverage the Cloud’s scalability, elasticity and resource offload to streamline their operations and improve user experience. Yet, as the survey concludes, security concerns top the list of barriers to cloud adoption followed by legal/regulatory compliance and data loss and leakage risks. Organizations, used to run and control on-premise infrastructure, feel they are expanding their attack surface. They are primarily concerned with unauthorized access through misuse of employee credentials and improper access controls. After all, if your data is in the cloud, and all you need is an ID and Password, a simple security snafu can lead to a data breach. Yet, the appeal of the Cloud is driving organizations to adjust their security posture through training their teams, partnering with a managed security services provider, and deploying additional security software to protect data and applications in the cloud. Such capabilities include protecting data at rest and in transit and securing access control with measures like two-factor authentication and restricting access control to specific corporate networks.

Cato Networks see the Cloud as an enabler to better security that is also cost-effective. Enterprises using our platform benefit from:

  • A reduced attack surface with tightly secure Cloud-based network backbone
  • Expert security and threat research based on deep analysis of network activity
  • Tight access control to resources, both on-premise and in the Cloud, and
    The ability to enforce corporate security policies across all users and data.

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