Top Podcasts for SD-WAN and Network Professionals

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Podcasts are a great resource for keeping current on IT network topics like SD-WAN and hybrid cloud, though it can be tough finding the quality podcasts that are at the end of the day really worth your time. Here are our favorite six podcasts that in our estimation, are definitely worth tuning in to…

Greg Ferro and Drew Conry-Murray host the weekly Network Break, while Ethan Banks and Chris Wahl host Datanauts. The Network Break features the latest IT news that affects Network Professionals with episodes lasting less than an hour. Latest topics include Cisco and Arista releasing 400G switches, IBM’s purchase of Red Hat, and ‘a virtual network tap in Azure and SD-WAN integrations’. Datanauts, on the other hand, is not a weekly show but new episodes are released when there’s a new and interesting topic to explore in cloud, convergence, data centers and anything infrastructure. The Datanauts team discuss recent topics on advancing your IT career and building out a Private Cloud with guest Rita Younger from CDW.

  1. CCSI Podcast

CCSI, a leading technology services and solutions provider, has been hosting a podcast since early 2017 with each episode under 30 minutes. Hosted by Larry Bianculli, managing director of enterprise and commercial sales, topics range from cloud computing, cybersecurity, to SD-WAN. Joe Goldberg, the Senior Cloud Program manager at CCSI, was a guest on an SD-WAN podcast and discusses why customers are “demanding more flexible, open and cloud based WAN,” why simplifying the WAN is advantageous today, and how SD-WAN is achieving success with simplicity.


Software Gone Wild is a podcast by with new episodes about once a month. A vendor-independent podcast, it focuses on Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions, Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC), cloud computing and network programmability. The hosts take a unique perspective of these technologies by uncovering hidden gems – field-tested solutions that have been in production but have been relatively overlooked. Software Gone Wild is hosted by Ivan Pepelnjak, a well-known blogger and writer, who has also authored several Cisco Press books.

  1. TechSnap

A weekly podcast, hosted by Chris Fisher and Wes Payne, touches on networking, IT systems, and administration with a focus on discussing major security flaws in large systems. Each episode carves out time for audience questions and discussion of best practices from everything from eBPF to cloud building blocks. Episode lengths vary but are generally less than an hour. TechSnap is part of the Jupiter Broadcasting podcast network, which was founded by Chris Fisher and Bryan Lunduke in 2008.

  1. Cisco Cloud Unfiltered

The interview-style format of this podcast covers topics on various cloud architectures, deployment strategies and complementary technologies for the cloud. Hosted by Ali Amagasu and Pete Johnson, each episode lasts about 30-40 minutes and has an interview with an expert on the topic at hand. Episode 58 features guests Ed Warnicke of Cisco and Frederick Kautz of Red Hat and explains the excitement surrounding the Network Service Mesh project.

  1. The Network Collective

The Network Collective is a community driven podcast that is organized and produced by Jordan Martin, Eyvonne Sharp, and Russ White. There are four different podcast formats: ‘Short Take’ episodes are generally only 5-15 minutes long, ‘History of Networking’ episodes are about an hour long, ‘Off the Cuff’ episodes are less frequently released, and ‘Community Roundtables’ are generally less than an hour and feature several guests discussing a wide range of networking topics. In episode 29 of the Community Roundtable series, hosts Jordan Martin and Eyvonne Sharp discuss some of the operational considerations when using MPLS VPNs. Longtime networking instructor Travis Bonfigli tweeted about this episode, “Pure DMVPN gold! @NetCollectivePC [continues] to blow me away with top shelf content! Keep crushing it!”


Each of these podcasts most certainly has their own style of format and unique take on networking topics, but what they all have in common is quality content for people in the IT Networking field. Happy listening.

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