• Built-in network segmentation

    The cloud network is segmented by default preventing access between network resources (locations, users) unless specifically permitted.

  • Advanced malware protection

    Cato inspects all web sites access for malicious domains (phishing and malware delivery sites). It also performs aninspection on all WAN and internet traffic for malicious files.

  • Intrusion prevention system

    Cato performs deep packet inspection on all traffic for indicators of compromise or malicious patterns. Protocols validation, known CVEs, flagged domains and IPs, and advanced behavioral analysis is seamlessly performed in the Cato Cloud.

  • Network anomaly detection

    Cato enforces application aware policies on both WAN and Internet traffic across all network resources. Deep Packet Inspection is used to look for attack patterns within internal and external network activity.

  • Rapid threat adaptation

    Cato leverages the unprecedented visibility to the cloud network traffic to detect network anomalies and emerging threats. This enables quick adaptation of our Advanced Threat Protection to protect all customers.

  • Cross-domain event correlation

    Cato looks at network activity across multiple domains to identify complex attack patterns in real time.

  • Unrestricted scalability and self-maintaining service

    Cato can inspect any traffic mix (encrypted and unencrypted) and ensures capacity is available to provide subscribed services. Without the need to size, upgrade, patch or refresh appliances, customers are relieved of the ongoing grunt work of keeping their network security up to date against emerging threats and evolving business needs.

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