No Visibility and Control for Mobile Access to Cloud Applications like Office 365?

Mobile users can connect directly to cloud applications like Office 365, which bypasses corporate network security policies. Alternatively, forcing users through a specific network location, such as a datacenter firewall, impacts performance and the user experience. Office 365 represents a unique challenge due to the need to provide globally optimized access to a single regional instance.

Secure and Optimize Mobile Access to All Applications, Globally

Cato connects every mobile user to the Cato Cloud and provides secure and optimized access to enterprise resources in physical and cloud datacenters, cloud applications and internet sites. Cato uses its global backbone to optimize routing and reduce latency to key applications like Office 365, and enforce application-aware security policies on all access.

  • Optimal connection at every location: Each device connects to the nearest Cato Cloud Network PoP to ensure optimal access to every resource regardless of the user’s location. Cloud applications can be configured to accept traffic only from the Cato Cloud Network to ensure compliance.
  • Extend security policy to the mobile workforce: All mobile access is protected against malicious web sites. Corporate security policies are seamlessly extended to control mobile access to sensitive data, both on-premise and in the cloud.
  • Fast, self-service end-user deployment: Quickly onboard users into the Cato Cloud Network. End users are invited to a guided, self-service deployment of the Cato Client for laptops, smartphones, and tablets, including BYOD devices.

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