Deliver Direct Internet Access to your global branches

How much of your MPLS traffic is actually meant for the cloud? Many of Cato customers managed to offload up to 40% of their MPLS lines while solving latency issues, originated by backhauling traffic across their MPLS.

Opting for direct Internet access, however, exposes your sites to Internet-borne threats. So how do you deliver direct internet access to the branch without compromising on security and costs?

In this eBook, we will review the 3 approaches used in the past to provide internet access to branches and compare them to Cato’s new approach that allows you to:

  • Minimize latency caused by backhauling traffic
  • Secure traffic without internet checkpoints and gain a fully managed suite of agile enterprise-grade network security capabilities
  • Manage your entire security and networking infrastructure through one pane of glass

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