Evaluating SASE: Your Guide to Achieving Your SASE Outcomes

Congratulations on your decision to move to SASE. So where will you start? Will it be SSE, SD-WAN, or full SASE? Will it be Single-Vendor, or Managed SASE? What’s the best approach to evaluating a SASE solution? So many choices, but Gartner is here to help.

This Gartner report provides you with the necessary strategy and guidance to ensure you select the SASE approach that suits your key use cases. In this report, Gartner outlines the following key details:

  • Three common approaches for evaluating a SASE solution
  • Expert guidance for developing a SASE Strategy
  • Four key markets Security and Risk leaders will select from when comparing vendors

This report provides the necessary guidance for evaluating and selecting the right SASE strategy and vendor for your requirements.

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