Firsthand Evidence: 4 Global Companies who Migrated Away from MPLS

SD-WAN is all the rage in enterprise networking these days. IT teams are excited about the opportunities SD-WAN
creates to evolve their WAN to become simple and agile, while improving security, and reducing costs.

In this eBook, you will find 4 success stories of global companies and IT managers, who decided to migrate away from
costly MPLS, and upgrade their infrastructure with an SLA-backed, cost-effective, and secure network.

  • Meet the IT manager from a pharmaceutical leading company who cut MPLS costs and quadrupled capacity
  • See the performance testing from one financial company who showed how throughput across Cato Cloud’s outpaced
    MPLS, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Check out how one IT manager transformed his user’s Citrix experience by moving on Cato
  • Hear how one firm switched their voice from MPLS to Cato Cloud without missing a beat

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