GigaOm’s Evaluation Guide for Technology Decision Makers

GigaOm’s newest analyst report compares 20 leading SSA vendors (GigaOm’s term for SASE/SSE) and their levels of platform convergence. And, the ability to deliver a converged, cloud platform has long been essential for delivering the cost savings, increased agility, operational simplicity, and deeper security insight promised by SASE vendors like Cato Networks. Success with SASE is only achieved when it meets your required business outcomes.

Discover whether your shortlisted enterprise SASE vendors are converged platforms, or disparate point solutions, in GigaOm’s newest SSA report:

  • Detailed reviews of 20 leading SSA vendors (GigaOm’s term for SASE/SSE)
  • The degree to which SSA solutions are converged platforms or discrete products
  • GigaOm’s SSA vendor comparison across 9 evaluation metrics
  • Vendor comparison across 10 SSA capabilities

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