How to Migrate from MPLS to Cato Cloud

Cato Cloud represents a significant WAN transformation for many of our customers, one that addresses a long-held wish for a simpler and more agile infrastructure.

Replacing MPLS and legacy WANs isn’t just an opportunity to connect offices quickly and affordably. It’s an opportunity to transform your entire organization, connecting every user to any resource from anywhere in the world. By transforming, not just upgrading, their networks, companies have reduced WAN-related costs while still doubling throughput. They’ve decreased deployment times from months to as a little as 30 minutes, and identified threats in their organizations.

Download this whitepaper for a step-by-step walkthrough of this migration that showcases each of the value-add case studies you gain when migrating to Cato Cloud.


“Transitioning to Cato was so easy. I joke that it was like pressing the Staples’ Easy Button.

Leslie W. Cothren, Information Technology Director, Universal Mental Health Services (UMHS)

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