Myth Busters Put SD-WAN to the Test

Tall claims are the story of politicians and used car salesmen – and, it would seem, the SD-WAN industry. Every week, it seems, some vendor claims that “Using the Internet with our SD-WAN solution you can replace MPLS,” or “SD-WAN and the Internet can deliver better uptime than a managed service like MPLS.”

What’s true? What false? Find out in this eBook “Put SD-WAN Myths to the Test.”

With detailed insights from the likes of independent experts, such as Steve Garson, president of SD-WAN Experts, this eBook tells you what claims are real – and what aren’t. Find out if:

  • The Internet last mile can be trusted to be  more reliable than a managed MPLS service
  • MPLS services are  always  better than the Internet
  • SD-WAN solutions  really do save you money
  • Zero-touch provisioning  can solve site deployment problems
  • SD-WAN  should be purchased through a provider

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