Single Pass Cloud Engine: The Key to Unlocking the True Value of SASE

When Gartner defined SASE in 2019, it created the non-negotiable requirement, as analyst Nat Smith puts it, of delivering SASE capabilities from the cloud. Every vendor in the market that claimed SASE also wanted to claim cloud-delivered SASE. But, how they deliver these capabilities from the cloud – matters.

In this NEW white paper we discuss the technical and business benefits of a true cloud-native SASE architecture built to power a global cloud service versus the one using cloud-hosted legacy appliances. It provides a new perspective on how a born for the cloud architecture can bring an AWS-like agile experience to your IT team and to the business. Don’t go for the much-needed SASE transformation with the wrong architecture.

Read this white paper and you’ll learn:

  • Why convergence and cloud-native software are key to a SASE architecture
  • What are the pillars of a cloud-native SASE architecture
  • How the Cato Single Pass Cloud Engine (SPACE) enables orchestrated, scalable, and resilient traffic processing globally for all users and locations
  • What are the technical and business benefits created by the Cato SPACE vs. Cloud-hosted appliances

Download to unlock the value