Unlock Groundbreaking Cybersecurity Insights from Cato CTRL’s (Cyber Threats Research Lab) Inaugural Report

Cato CTRL (Cyber Threat Research Lab), the first CTI group to fuse deep network insights with threat intelligence, has launched its inaugural report – a culmination of extensive research and advanced data analytics to equip enterprises with the latest intelligence to fortify their defenses against sophisticated cyberthreats.

Providing a holistic view of all cybersecurity threats, Cato CTRL analyzes all inbound, outbound, and WANbound traffic using Cato’s vast data lake enriched with security feeds, proprietary AI/ML algorithms, and human intelligence to provide unique insights into network vulnerabilities.

What’s Inside the Report:

  • Unparalleled Data Analysis: Leveraging Cato’s global SASE platform to analyze 1.26 trillion network traffic flows from over 2000 Cato customers, providing a detailed view of current cybersecurity trends and vulnerabilities
  • Advanced Threat Intelligence: Insights on the utilization of AI tools, the persistence of unpatched systems, and the specifics of internal network threats
  • Sector Threats: A detailed look into how cyber threats vary across different sectors with actionable intelligence tailored to strategic, operational, and tactical needs

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