The Digital Transformation Playbook:
Practical Strategies for Addressing the 4 Use Cases of Digital Transformation

To support the digital transformation, enterprises need a new underlying infrastructure that converges all As companies look to compete, CEOs have latched onto digital transformation as a strategic objective. But when the business wants to go digital, how will that really impact your network and security architecture?

Find out in this eBook, The Digital Transformation Playbook: How to Prepare for the 4 Pains of Going Digital. It takes a close look at how CIO and their teams can prepare their infrastructure to address the most common digital transformation projects — Mergers and Acquisitions, Global Expansion, Rapid Deployments, and Cloud Migration.

Through practical examples, this eBook helps you:

Questions addressed include:

  • Translates each use case into a specific IT challenge
  • Develop practical strategies for addressing each use case
  • Details the challenges involved when using appliances to solve those use cases
  • Explains the benefits of using SASE in addressing those use cases
  • Show how SASE solves the key pain points of going digital

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