• Full Visibilty

    with all WAN and Internet traffic going through the Cato Cloud there are no blind spots and no need to deploy multiple appliances.

  • Unrestricted Scalability

    Cato can inspect any traffic mix (encrypted and unencrypted). Cato ensures capacity is available to provide the service the customer subscribed to.

  • Unified Security Policy

    Cato enforces one granular policy and rule base that can extend from one user to the entire business. The rule base is common to all security functions and all traffic types. There is no need to associate policy with distinct appliances or point products.

  • Simple Life Cycle Management

    Without the need to size, upgrade, patch or refresh firewalls, customers are relieved of the on going grunt work of keeping their network security up to date against emerging threats and evolving business needs.

The network you have been waiting for is here.
Prepare to be amazed.