Secure Cloud-Based SD-WAN

Expensive MPLS Links with Limited Capacity?

Enterprises are dependent on high cost and bandwidth constrained MPLS links. They are looking to augment or replace MPLS-based WAN connectivity with affordable SLA-backed connectivity.

Augment or Replace MPLS Links

Cato SD-WAN enables organizations to augment MPLS with affordable last mile services (Fiber, Broadband, 4G/LTE) and dynamically direct traffic based on applications needs and link quality. Unlike legacy SD-WAN solutions that use the public Internet with MPLS, Cato is uniquely capable to replace MPLS altogether with our global SLA-backed backbone. Cato further extends the benefits of SD-WAN to cloud resources and mobile users and provides a full cloud-based network security stack to secure all WAN and Internet traffic.


Flexible and Resilient Last-Mile

Cato Socket can use multiple internet links in active/active configuration to maximize capacity, supports 4G/LTE link for failover and applies various traffic optimizations and packet-loss elimination algorithms.

SLA-backed WAN

Cato’s SLA-backed backbone provides a WAN leg that is better than the public internet. It means you can offload more traffic to the Cato Cloud versus a standard internet link.

Extend WAN to mobile users and cloud datacenters

Cato provides optimized connectivity beyond the branch, to both mobile users and cloud infrastructures, without the need for deploying and managing dedicated solutions.

The network you have been waiting for is here.
Prepare to be amazed.