The Platform Makes all the SASE Difference

One platform to connect all edges, everywhere

Cato extends security and networking everywhere using a global private backbone, with full inspection and optimization of multi gig traffic streams, and 360 degrees visibility and control for all traffic.

Multiple on-ramp options include Cato SD-WAN devices for physical locations, Cato ZTNA/EPP client for endpoints, and cloud-interconnect and virtual SD-WAN for Cloud DCs.

Secure networks, users and devices, at scale

Cato provides a fully converged and cloud-native suite of threat prevention and data protection capabilities enforced on all traffic, Internet, WAN, and Cloud, traversing the Cato SASE Cloud platform.

Cato’s endpoint agent, the Cato Client, provides risk-based zero trust network access with built-in endpoint protection and detection.

Detect and respond,
from within

Automated and proven AI/ML models run on Cato’s open data lake for threat hunting and network incidents detection using Cato-generated and 3rd party feeds and events.

AI-assisted analyst workbench enables prioritization and response to incidents based on battle-tested tools and playbooks.

built for speed

Cato Management Application is used to configure all policies, monitor network and security analytics, and perform troubleshooting. All current and future capabilities will always be managed in the same way.

A single API enables data extraction, automated configuration, and 3rd party integrations. Customers and channel partners can leverage Cato’s built-in data sharing capabilities or use the API to customize data processing.

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With Cato you are

Ready to grow IT with the business

“We brought up the entire network with full security in less than a month. It was so fast that a competing SASE vendor didn't believe us. Cato made it possible."

and anytime

Cato Networks delivers networking and security as a unified service. Cato Networks is the poster child for ZTE and SASE.

The Can-Do Champion

““Cato is the solution to get you and keep you ahead””

Spending less
& getting more

Saved $3.8M with cato

“On reduced operation and maintenance״

Your SASE journey,
your way

Network Modernization

MPLS to SD-WAN Migration

Global Access Optimization

Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Integration

Security Consolidation

Secure Hybrid Work

Enable Secure Direct Internet Access

Secure Application and Data Access

Incident Detection and Response

Business Transformation

Vendor Consolidation

Spend Optimization

M&A and Geo Expansion

CATO Networks is the official SASE partner of the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team

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