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Cato Networks offre la sua soluzione SASE altamente differenziata e nativa per il cloud tramite partner, tra cui TSD, agenti, fornitori di servizi, VAR e distributori. Supportiamo i nostri partner con programmi di co-marketing, condivisione di lead e formazione, offrendo al contempo maggiore redditività e rapida crescita.

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Scopri cosa dicono i partner sulla collaborazione con Cato

We have a lot of happy customers that moved from legacy MPLS networks to a network that is more agile, that is faster, that is easier to troubleshoot. And at the end of the day, it puts us, as the consultants, in a better position to succeed.”

Matthew Toth,

With Cato, we’ve been able to benefit from the disruptive cloud business. Offering a subscription service has made forecasting much, much easier. We’ve been able to accumulate reoccurring sales revenue that will lead to stable profits for years to come.”

Yoji Ota,

The market for integrated network and security capabilities has evolved rapidly for multinational enterprise. Being able to easily connect all of their locations and roaming users to applications bypassing Internet congestion is a real game changer.”

Tim Sullivan,