Cato MSASE Partner Platform

Cato enables managed services partners (CSPs, GSIs, MSPs, MSSPs, etc.) to best position themselves to win and retain SASE customers. The Cato MSASE Partner Platform empowers a highly differentiated SASE offering with fast time to market, shorter time to value and improved profitability.

MSASE Empowers Partners to Deliver

Differentiate Managed SASE Delivery

Cato empowers partners to deliver a highly differentiated Managed SASE. It starts with a purpose-built SASE cloud architecture that prioritizes performance, without compromising on security, and with a truly unified management, not one assembled from separate components. Built for speed and simplicity, Cato enables partners to stand out with faster deployment, rapid responsiveness, easier management (via web or API), enhanced security, and better performance. True multi-tenancy and immediate access to new features and capabilities simplifies centralized management and enables partners to focus on delivering a great managed service experience.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Cato offers a laser-focused set of tools to help partners accelerate time-to-market. All necessary tools and comprehensive knowledge resources are readily available, eliminating the need for upfront investment. Proven and efficient training programs for both sales and pre-sales teams are provided to ramp sales fast. Additionally, extensive documentation covering planning, deployment, management, and troubleshooting is readily accessible, enabling teams to quickly overcome the learning curve and begin delivering services promptly. In essence, everything is prepared for immediate and successful implementation.

Shorten Time-to-Value

Close deals faster and eliminate roadblocks. Cato has built sales practices with a proven conversion rate that is ready for partners to utilize. Packaged test drive programs allows multiple prospects customers to simultaneously experience the platform as a playground, boosting confidence and driving adoption. Replicate Cato’s PoC best practices for a 70+% win-rate. Leverage vendor-level control and independency in the deal cycle with partner quoting and registration tools. Together, these tools enable short, efficient, and positive deal cycles.

Maximize Profitability

Cato’s MSASE Partner Platform unlocks a new revenue stream, aiding growth and customer retention as they transition from legacy point-product and hardware-dependent solutions. Cato caters to partners’ needs with flexible licensing models to adapt to existing business practices. Real-time visibility into license utilization unlocks previously hidden upsell opportunities. Extensive use of AI and ML in SOC and

NOC practices boost operational efficiency, improving gross margins. Cato’s own teams can help fill service delivery gaps, enabling partners to build and mature managed SASE at their pace. Overall, selling a Managed SASE with Cato is what ensures profitability, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Cato Managed SASE Overview

Cato's Managed SASE Platform provides our partners the tools and dashboards to manage customer accounts from a single console. Everything from license management to co-branding is available in one place.

The Strategic Benefits of a True SASE Platform

Architected from the ground up as a true cloud-native SASE platform, all Cato's security capabilities, today and in the future, leverage the global distribution, massive scalability, advanced resiliency, autonomous life cycle management, and consistent management model of the Cato platform.

Consistent Policy

Cato extends all security capabilities globally to deliver consistent policy enforcement everywhere and to everyone, from the largest datacenters and down to a single user device.

Scalable and Resilient Protection

Cato scales to inspect multi-gig traffic streams with full TLS decryption and across all security capabilities, and can automatically recover from service component failures to ensure continuous security protection.

Autonomous Life Cycle Management

Cato ensures the SASE cloud platform maintains optimal security posture, 99.999% service availability, and low-latency security processing for all users and locations without any customer involvement.

Single Pane of Glass

Cato provides a single pane of glass to consistently manage all security and networking capabilities including configuration, analytics, troubleshooting, and incident detection and response. Unified management model eases new capabilities adoption by IT and the business.

Recognized as a SASE Pioneer and Leader by Industry Analysts

Cato is the category creator of SASE. We didn't invent the name, but SASE is Cato's founding vision. Since 2015 we are continuously evolving and perfecting the only true SASE platform. Cato is fully committed to deliver on the promise of SASE: making secure and optimized access effortlessly available for everyone and everywhere.

“We ran a breach-and-attack simulator on Cato, Infection rates and lateral movement just dropped while detection rates soared. These were key factors in trusting Cato security.”

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