A Recognized Leader and the Poster Child Of Zero Trust Edge

Forrester has named Cato Networks a Leader and described Cato as the “poster child” of ZTE and SASE, in the Forrester WaveTM: Zero Trust Edge Solutions, Q3 2023 report.

Cato Networks is the creator of the SASE category and the only pure-play SASE provider. We built the complete set of networking and security capabilities, delivered as a single, global, cloud service, from the ground up. By building the Cato SASE Cloud eight years ago, we simplified, streamlined and hardened networking and security infrastructure for organizations of all sizes. Now, Cato’s SASE (ZTE) enables organizations to secure and optimize their business regardless of the resources and skills at their disposal.  

Explore the report to discover how other ZTE vendors were assessed and how Cato Networks was evaluated and positioned.

We believe that Cato Networks was named a Leader and the “poster child” thanks to:

  • Our SASE DNA: Forrester notes we deliver networking and security as a unified service. The SASE features we deliver, and the order they are delivered in, are driven by customer demand and opportunities to bring SASE value to IT infrastructure.
  • Our SASE architecture: Converged and cloud-delivered services, rather than the legacy architecture of appliances and point solutions, or physical or virtual appliances placed in someone else’s cloud.
    The IT team and end-user experience: Cato deployment is rapid and seamless, through zero touch and self-service light edges. The user interface is elegant and intuitive.
  • Our commitment to our customers: Our customers use SASE to achieve security and networking prowess previously available only to the largest organizations. Cato’s SASE changes the way IT teams support the business, drive the business, and are perceived by the business.

Read our accompanying blog for additional perspective on Cato’s leadership position in the SASE/ZTE market and our unique advantages.

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