NEW EMA Report: WAN Transformation with SD-WAN: Establishing a Mature Foundation for SASE Success

The rise of SD-WAN a decade ago has opened up new networking opportunities for organizations. Now, with SASE being the next natural step after SD-WAN, research and consulting firm EMA set out to discover how organizations are coping with SD-WAN and approaching the transition to SASE.

After surveying hundreds of IT professionals, EMA developed a comprehensive report about the state of SD-WAN adoption, now and in the future. Read their findings in this complimentary report and learn:

  • Why only 38% of organizations believe they have been successful with SD-WAN
  • Whether organizations prefer a managed SD-WAN vs. a DIY model, and why
  • Which SD-WAN capabilities and features organizations require
  • SD-WAN best practices
  • The type of organization that is likely to have the most success when transitioning to SASE

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