Cato Partner Cloud

Cato Networks is offering its cloud-based, secure and global SD-WAN through global partners including master agents, agents, service providers, distributors, and resellers. We support our PartnerCloud partners with joint marketing, lead sharing and training programs.


By offering Cato, service providers can create new revenue opportunities while minimizing friction with the customers' environments and the load on their own IT infrastructure and support teams.

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Extend WAN coverage to Global locations

Cato enables you to extend your services to global locations. Cato maintains the global network infrastructure and the security services. You can cross-connect into our cloud network and tunnel customer traffic to Cato without any changes to the customer premises.

Global SD‑WAN with Integrated security

Unlike traditional SD‑WAN appliances, Cato converges global backbone, security as a service and edge SD‑WAN into a single cloud service. You can now provide customers with self-service, secure global network at a competitive price compared with non-integrated telco bundles.

Agents and

Cato enables agents and VARs to offer customers a converged network and security service at a competitive price. This is a highly differentiated offering that enables customers to reduce cost and complexity of their IT. As software and cloud transform IT, you have a unique opportunity to position yourself for the new way IT gets done.

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Secure and Global SD‑WAN creates unique value proposition

Cato secure and global SD‑WAN enables your customers to reduce costs of their global connectivity and the complexity of distributed security appliances management by converging all these point solutions into a single cloud service.

Champion the future of SD‑WAN and security in the cloud

As your peers offer legacy and expensive services, embrace the new way IT gets done. With smart software and cloud-based architecture, it is possible to not just offer services but to truly bring simplicity, agility, and speed to the customer's business.

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