Cato's Partner Community

Cato Networks offers its cloud-based, secure and global SD-WAN through partners, including master agents, agents, service providers, VARs, and distributors. We support our partners with joint marketing, lead sharing, and training programs while offering enhanced profitability and rapid growth.

MSPs and VARs

By offering Cato’s SASE, service providers can create new revenue opportunities while minimizing friction with the customers’ environments and the load on their own IT infrastructure and support teams. Strong margin opportunities, comprehensive training courses, marketing funds, and lead sharing are some of the Cato’s partner program’s benefits.

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Redefining "Partnership"

We believe in independent, highly profitable, and knowledgeable partners. We share leads, protect your registered deals, respect your relationship with customers, and follow strict rules of engagement. Don’t just assume we’re channel-friendly. Check us out. Download the partner program brochure.

Cato Distinguished Support Provider (CDSP)

Cato recognizes its support-providing partners with a Cato Distinguished Support Provider (CDSP) accreditation. If you want to become a SASE expert and provide premium support services to your customers, Check out the benefits and prerequisites of CDSP.

Agents and Sub-Agents

Cato works with leading master-agents around the world. Your customers will enjoy simplicity, agility, and speed. You will enjoy the high conversion rate (>80% post-POC win rate) and renewal rate (>90%). Introduce us to your customers to enjoy monthly recurring revenues (MRR) and exceptional customer satisfaction

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Your opportunity to STAND OUT

Differentiate yourself, your services, and your value proposition from the competition. In today’s ever-changing IT landscape, niche solutions are struggling to justify the investment overhead. Integrating, managing, and securing point solutions, becomes a hassle. Convergence is redefining the way customers consume IT solutions.

We got your back, everywhere

Wherever you and your customers may be around the globe, our sales managers and presale engineers are ready to help you close the deal. Register your deals in Cato’s partner portal or via your choice of master-agent and expect your customers to be forever grateful.

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