SASE as a Gradual Deployment: The Various Paths to SASE

Most enterprises will be planning SASE adoption by 2025. But that doesn’t mean everyone will be taking the same steps. Each organization can (and should!) choose the right path in their SASE transformation journey, while taking into account goals, resources, commitments, preferences, and more.

This eBook guides enterprises through the stages of a gradual SASE deployment. It shows how enterprises that are looking for a step-by-step approach can achieve SASE transformation.

  • What is SASE and who is it for
  • The 5 steps of gradual SASE deployment: from migrating expired WAN contracts all the way to advanced security
  • How long SASE deployment really takes (less than you might think!)
  • The principles of SASE deployment
  • And more!

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