Cato Networks Named 2024 SASE LEADER

The report covers 18 different SASE vendors, and scores them based on the following domains:

  • Key Features required for SASE,
  • Emerging Features required for business vision and strategy, and
  • Meeting key Business Criteria to help the network drive business value.


GigaOM recognizes Cato Networks as “Leader” and “Outperformer” in the Secure Access Secure Edge (SASE) space. The report serves as a great resource for enterprises looking for an objective, 3rd-party evaluation of current SASE vendors and their available offerings.

With a focus on network performance, security, and growth, GigaOM’s analysis recognizes how the Cato SASE Cloud Platform delivers optimized network performance through its SLA-backed global private backbone while enabling businesses to maintain optimal security posture with its cloud-native, converged security stack. GigaOM’s report also dives into how the Cato SASE Platform is set to adapt to emerging business needs, including AIOps and IoT integration.

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