SASE for Credit Unions

The changes that are driving the need for SASE

Digitization is driving change across the credit union industry. 41% of banks (including credit unions) have already adopted a cloud presence. Laptops, mobile devices and other digital methods have replaced physical meetings at the bank and manual paper-based processes.
Digital transformation serves multiple purposes: efficiency, cost-effectiveness, agility and scalability. But above all, it provides a better digital customer experience. 78% of Americans prefer to bank via mobile app or website, per the 2022 Digital Banking Survey by Forbes.

IT challenges in the credit union industry

Technological innovations have introduced new challenges for credit unions. The main ones include:

  • Security

    Cloud computing environments, the growing prevalence of cyberattacks and the nature of the financial industry require comprehensive and advanced cybersecurity controls.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Balancing security and performance while reducing cost and complexity is challenging for credit unions. They are lean, non-profit organizations that usually have small IT and security teams.

  • Compliance

    Credit unions are required to adhere to strict regulatory compliance measures: PCI-DSS, NCUA policies, and more. For example, federally insured credit unions are required to report cyber security incidents within 72 hours.

Before and after using Cato SASE Cloud

  • Before using Cato SASE Cloud

  • After using Cato SASE Cloud

What Gartner says about Cato Networks

“The most notable vendor from a software architecture perspective out there today,” adding “they have a very, very strong, unified software architecture and they were actually probably one of the first vendors doing SASE.

Andrew Lerner

VP & Distinguished Analyst at Gartner
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Our customers from the Credit Union industry

We led with ‘security first’ in our assessment, but conventional SD-WAN solutions sold security as an add-on or required a separate security solution.”

Scott Rosen – Vice President of Technology

The Solution to Credit Union Challenges: SASE

Cato’s SASE Cloud can ensure credit unions gain the benefits of digital transformation, by providing a solution to these new challenges.

  • Robust Security Capabilities

    With Cato’s SASE Cloud/SSE 360, every user and location are inspected and optimized through a complete security stack and consistent security policies, while ensuring reliable zero-trust access to resources.

  • Simplified Management and Maintenance

    SASE simplifies the architecting, deployment and operation of network security controls. Any team of any size or professional knowledge can easily manage and maintain SASE and gain visibility into the network. For example:

    • Onboarding locations takes place through zero-touch SD-WAN devices or IPSEC tunnels.
    • Onboarding mobile users takes place through a self-service client portal and process
    • New functionalities are added with no hardware or software deployment
  • Compliance-Ready

    Cato’s SASE enables easily configuring policies that align with compliance regulations, in just a few days.

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