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After completing SASE Expert Level 1 certification, you may apply to become certified in SASE Business Impact & Strategy. Master the art and science of SASE business strategy and communication.

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About SASE Business Impact & Strategy:
Understand why switching to SASE is a business decision – not just a technical decision. Learn how to create a SASE business strategy and communicate it to internal stakeholders, management, and your board.


  • How to “Talk SASE” to Your Board
  • The Difference Between Platform vs. Portfolio vs. Telco SASE
  • How to Achieve and Maintain Security Compliance with SASE
  • SASE & the Easy Way to Ensure Alignment with Business Goals

Gain Your SASE Business Impact & Strategy Certification in Just Hours

Subject SASE Business Impact & Strategy
Language English
Time Commitment 3-5 hours
Pace Self-paced Learning
Difficulty Executive

SASE Business Impact and Strategy Certification Includes:

  • A certificate of completion and badge
  • Show off your skills and add it to your LinkedIn profile
  • Share your success on social media

About the Instructors

  • Demetris Booth

    Product Marketing Director at Cato Networks, with 20+ years of leadership roles at technology companies such as Cisco, Sophos, Juniper Networks and Citrix Systems.

  • Evin Safdia

    Director of Product Marketing for the Americas at Cato Networks, with 15+ years of technical experience in various roles at technology companies such as Palo Alto Networks, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Zscaler and Citrix.

Become a SASE Business Impact & Strategy Expert

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Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for:
CIOs, CISOs, VPs of Security, VPs of IT, IT team leaders, Security Team Leaders,
IT and Networking professionals and Internet Security pros, Cybersecurity pros and Security Engineers looking to strengthen their knowledge of SASE’s business impact and strategy.

Why should I get certified in SASE Business Impact and Strategy?

There are numerous professional and personal benefits to getting SASE Business Impact and Strategy certified. This course is the perfect way to create a SASE strategy that’s aligned with business impact, learn to internally pitch SASE (whether to your boss, leadership or a board,) and understand why SASE is not just a technical decision but first and foremost, a business decision.

After successful completion of this course, you’ll be able to add your achievement to your LinkedIn profile and your resume, for full, professional bragging rights.

How do I get SASE certified?

Getting SASE Business Impact Strategy certified is as easy as hitting “Apply Now” and filling out an application (free and takes seconds.) In a few days, you’ll receive an email with your login details. From there, the course only takes a few hours to complete. After completion of all coursework and receiving an 85% or more on your assessment quiz, you’ll receive a certificate and social media badge.

Required Course Prerequisite: SASE Expert Level 1 (Fundamentals)

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