Intelligent Last-Mile Management

Cato offers customers 24×7 monitoring of last-mile ISPs at each of their sites. In case of an outage or performance degradation, Cato will work with the ISP to resolve the issue, providing all relevant information and keeping the customer informed on the progress. This service helps customers who migrated from a fully managed MPLS network to quickly resolve network issues across their multiple, global ISPs without spending precious IT resources.

Hands-Free Management

Customers can choose Cato or one of its partners for complete hands-free management of their network. Expert staff will perform all changes to networking and security policies as needed to accommodate changing business and technical requirements. A co-management model between the customer, a partner, and Cato is also available. In all cases, Cato maintains the underlying Cato Cloud platform so customers do not need to upgrade, patch, or otherwise maintain any Cato software.

Managed Threat Detection and Response (MDR)

Cato seamlessly extends customers’ internal threat detection capabilities to continuously monitor the network for compromised, malware-infected endpoints. Because network traffic is flowing through Cato, Cato can deliver a zero-footprint detection of persistent threats without installing agents or appliances to gain traffic visibility. Cato MDR uses a combination of machine learning algorithms that mine network traffic for indicators of compromise, and human verification of detected anomalies. Cato experts then guide customers on remediating compromised endpoints.

Site Deployment

The Cato Socket is a zero-touch, SD-WAN device that is easily and quickly deployed in customer premises. Customers can deploy Cato Sockets themselves, or use Cato or its partners for remote assistance or on-site support. To complete the installation, the site is fully configured with relevant networking, QoS, security, and failover policies.

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