SASE in Manufacturing

The changes that are driving the need for SASE

Industry 4.0 has transformed the manufacturing industry. By introducing cloudification, data and automation into the manufacturing process, manufacturers can now enjoy technological novelties. For example, smart factories with connected devices that streamline manufacturing, automated ordering of materials, predicting equipment service needs in advance, Lean process improvement, and automated dark factories that operate with remote personnel monitoring them. These changes help manufacturers reduce downtime, improve efficiency and make better decisions.

IT Challenges in the manufacturing industry

Yet, these technological innovations have also introduced new challenges for manufacturers. The main ones include:

  • Security

    The factories’ connected devices, sensors, robots were not designed with security in mind. This makes them vulnerable to being exploited by cyber attackers.

  • Global Connectivity

    Many manufacturers have a global presence, which makes connectivity a challenge. Even more so when these facilities are located in places like China, Vietnam and Latin America.

  • High operational cost of the network

    Manufacturing businesses face a difficult task of selecting reliable, secure hardware and software solutions so that their IT systems can keep up with the ever-changing market and stay competitive. To align these investments with business goals they need an agile system able to adapt quickly when customer requirements change.

Before and after using Cato SASE Cloud

  • Before using Cato SASE Cloud

  • After using Cato SASE Cloud

What Gartner says about Cato Networks

“The most notable vendor from a software architecture perspective out there today,” adding “they have a very, very strong, unified software architecture and they were actually probably one of the first vendors doing SASE.

Andrew Lerner

VP & Distinguished Analyst at Gartner
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The Solution to Manufacturing Challenges: SASE

Cato’s SASE can ensure manufacturers yield the benefits of Industry 4.0 by providing a solution to these new challenges.

  • A global private backbone for remote or rural locations

    SASE provides a broad global presence, including Points of Presence (PoPs) at remote and rural locations to support any facility.

  • Secure access (Cato SSE 360)

    This ensures secure remote access, i.e nothing harmful comes in and nothing sensitive goes out.

  • Improve Security and reduce complexity

    With Cato SASE Cloud, the burden of deploying, configuring, patching, upgrading, maintaining, and scaling multiple point solutions is removed. This turns IT into a business enabler reducing operational costs and improving agility, flexibility, performance, and security posture.

The solution that the manufacturing industry has been waiting for is here, Prepare to be amazed

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