Outsmarting Cyber Threats: Etay Maor Unveils the Hacker’s Playbook in the Cloud Era

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This blog post is based on research by Avishay Zawoznik, Security Research Manager at Cato Networks.

The Cloud Conundrum: Navigating New Cyber Threats in a Digital World

In an era where cyber threats evolve as rapidly as the technology they target, understanding the mindset of those behind the attacks is crucial. This was the central theme of a speech given by Etay Maor, Senior Director of Security Strategy, of Cato Networks at the MSP EXPO 2024 Conference & Exposition in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Titled, “SASE vs. On-Prem A Hacker’s Perspective,” Maor’s session provided invaluable insights into the sophisticated tactics of modern cybercriminals.

Maor’s presentation painted a vivid picture of the ongoing battle in cyber work. He emphasized that as businesses transition to cloud-based solutions, hackers are not far behind, exploiting these very platforms to orchestrate their malicious activities. Trusted cloud services and applications, once seen as safe havens, are now being used to extract sensitive data, distribute malware, and launch phishing campaigns.

The session highlighted a concerning trend: many organizations are still anchored in an on-premises mindset. This approach, unfortunately, is increasingly inadequate in countering modern cyber threats. Maor’s argument was supported by a series of case studies detailing real-life attacks, showcasing how these threats are not just theoretical but present and active dangers.

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Embracing SASE: A New Frontier in Cybersecurity

One of the most interesting parts of the session was the live demonstrations. These demonstrations brought to light the ease with which hackers can penetrate systems that rely on outdated security models. Maor also shared insights from underground forums, offering a rare glimpse into the ways hackers plan and execute their attacks. This peek into the hacker’s world underscored the need for a more dynamic and forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity.

In contrast to the traditional on-premises solutions, Maor extolled the virtues of SASE architecture. He delineated how SASE’s convergence of network and security services into a single, cloud-native solution offers a more robust defense against the complexities of today’s cyber landscape. SASE’s adaptability, scalability, and integrated security posture make it a formidable opponent against the tactics employed by modern hackers.

The key takeaway from Maor’s speech was clear: the transition to cloud-based infrastructures demands a paradigm shift in our approach to cybersecurity. Traditional methods are no longer sufficient in this new digital battlefield. Businesses must embrace innovative solutions like SASE to stay ahead of cybercriminals.

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