Why Cato has Just Hit $2.5B in Valuation

Cato Networks $200M financing round
Cato Networks $200M financing round
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If you are following the SASE, SD-WAN, and cloud-based security markets, you know that they are mostly comprised of very large vendors. Most standalone players in categories such as SD-WAN and CASB had been acquired by these large vendors, in part to enable them to compete in the SASE space by completing their offerings to include both SD-WAN and security. The acquisition prices were a fraction of Cato’s valuation today.

What makes Cato different?

Since its inception, Cato was built to boldly compete against a wide range of large software and hardware vendors, as well as Telcos, with our fundamentally differentiated architecture and value proposition.

What is in play is the transition from appliances and point solutions built for on-premises deployments to a pure cloud-native platform. This is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) moment of networking and security. However, all our competitors in the SASE space are using legacy building blocks duct-taped together with cloud-native point solutions. They hope to evolve their solutions to become more seamless and more streamlined over time. Our position is that building “AWS-like” networking and security cloud service requires a brand-new platform and architecture.

This is exactly what Cato did in 2015. Since then, we have grown our cloud service capabilities, global footprint, and customer base, massively. We had proven that it is possible to deliver networking and security as a service with the automation, efficiency, resiliency, and scalability that comes with true cloud-native design.

The promise underpinning Cato’s vision is a better future for both the business and IT. The business can get things done quickly because IT can deliver on the underlying technology more efficiently. And it is possible, as is the case with services like AWS, because the platform takes care of all the heavy lifting associated with routing, optimization, redundancy, security and so much more.

All is left for our customers is to plug in the new office, group of users, cloud application, or whatever resource happens to be next – into the Cato SASE Cloud. Secure and optimized access is now done.

We have a lot more work to do in the market. We are on a mission to let businesses realize an even better future for networking and security and to forever change the way they run their infrastructure.

Stay tuned.

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