Episode 3.

Can You Read This? Why Technology Needs to Be More Accessible

Episode Overview

The tools, systems, and devices that we use to work, communicate and manage our day-to-day activities have made life more comfortable for almost everyone. Our digital transformation was meant to blur the lines of race, gender, age, and ability, but technology has more work to do to become truly inclusive, especially when considering accessibility for those with disabilities.

Our guest in this episode is Jeff Aronow. Jeff was born with a condition called Ocular Albinism, and is considered legally blind in the USA. However, upon moving to the UK he was upgraded to only “Sight Impaired.” With a visual acuity of 20/200 (or 6/60 if you are into the whole metric thing), we’ve asked Jeff to join us today to talk about his “view” on accessibility in the tech industry.

Meet the host

Robin Johns

Knowledge and Training Director
at Cato Networks

A life long Educator and Enabler, Robin Johns, Cato’s Knowledge and Training Director, has a passion for all things tech. Robin has previously worked in the fields of WAN Optimization, Network Monitoring, Capacity Analysis, Digital Experience Management and Protocol Simulation. From Packets and Flows to things nobody knows. Robin wants to learn about it all.