Episode 7.

How to Write Effective Technical Documentation

Episode Overview

When it comes to technical documentation, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a 600-page User Manual (like the kind that comes with a Windows 95 or an AOL installation). And, these user guides were created to tell us how to understand technical software inside and out.

It’s safe to say that the way we use new tech has evolved since Windows 95. So how do you write effective documentation that allows users to understand your software, product or tech service?

In this episode, Yaakov Simon, Cato Networks’ Documentation Manager,  highlights the differences in documentation strategies for agile, service-based companies vs static, product-based companies.

Meet the host

Robin Johns

Knowledge and Training Director
at Cato Networks

A life long Educator and Enabler, Robin Johns, Cato’s Knowledge and Training Director, has a passion for all things tech. Robin has previously worked in the fields of WAN Optimization, Network Monitoring, Capacity Analysis, Digital Experience Management and Protocol Simulation. From Packets and Flows to things nobody knows. Robin wants to learn about it all.