Episode 11.

Migrating from point products to Convergence. Are we ready? ​

Episode Overview

Solving emerging business needs with point solutions inevitably creates a pile of network and security products that must be integrated, managed, and maintained by IT. As networks expand to include cloud and remote users, handling this only becomes more complicated and expensive. Yet, the alternative of outsourcing management to a 3rd party entails higher costs and lack of control.

Can IT professionals avoid the hassle of point product solutions without compromising control of enterprise-wide network and security? How can they facilitate business growth and respond effectively to evolving industry changes?

In this episode, we are hosting Daniel Virkler, Cato Networks’ Sales Engineer. We’ll talk about the transition from point solutions to convergence and how it enables IT professionals with the tools to do what they need to do best and not sweat the grunt work.

Meet the host

Robin Johns

Knowledge and Training Director
at Cato Networks

A life long Educator and Enabler, Robin Johns, Cato’s Knowledge and Training Director, has a passion for all things tech. Robin has previously worked in the fields of WAN Optimization, Network Monitoring, Capacity Analysis, Digital Experience Management and Protocol Simulation. From Packets and Flows to things nobody knows. Robin wants to learn about it all.