Cato SASE Identified as a “Leader” in GigaOm Radar report

Who leads the SASE market? Find out as GigaOm evaluated 22 Secure Service Access (SSA) / SASE solutions in the comprehensive analysis.

The report found that not only was Cato a “Leader” and “Outperformer,” but that Cato was the closest to the center of the GigaOm Radar, the place judged to be of the highest overall value. The report’s comprehensive review evaluates the degree to which suppliers converge networking and security into a single, global cloud platform for enterprises.

“Developed in-house from the ground up, Cato SASE Cloud connects all enterprise network resources – including branch locations, cloud, physical data centers, and the hybrid workforce—within a secure, cloud-native service,” says Ivan McPhee, Senior Research Analyst at GigaOm.

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  • Learn how SSA represents a significant shift in the way organizations consume network security.
  • Understand how GigaOm outlines critical criteria and evaluation metrics for selecting an SSA solution.
  • Help make an informed decision when determining which vendor’s SSA solution is right for you and your organization.

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