Gartner® Market Guide for Single-Vendor SASE

Organizations today strive to streamline secure and optimal application access to all users and locations everywhere. Single-Vendor Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions provide a fresh approach to improving enterprise security posture, business agility, and application access performance while reducing infrastructure complexity and costs.

The SASE “secret sauce” is in the architecture. A converged, global, cloud-native platform enables secure and optimal access to any application, on-premises or in the cloud, from any user or location anywhere in the world.

Is SASE right for your business and your networking and security requirements?

In this all-new Market Guide for Single-Vendor SASE, Gartner outlines:

  • Strategic direction for the SASE market
  • The business, technical, and operational benefits of SASE
  • The architecture and capabilities of single-vendor SASE solutions
  • How to plan, evaluate and deploy SASE


If you are looking to streamline security, improve access, and cut costs in 2023, this is a must-read document.

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