How to Migrate from MPLS to SD-WAN

The benefits of SD-WAN are well known, but the transition from MPLS is often unclear. What specific steps should you consider when migrating from a traditional MPLS network to SD-WAN?

We’ve outlined a phased migration plan for evolving your network based on insights from SD-WAN adopters, industry best practices, and our own experiences transforming hundreds of enterprise networks.

This overview takes a high-level look at network transformation and explores:

  • 5 steps when migrating sites from MPLS to SD-WAN
  • 4 types of SD-WAN management models
  • SD-WAN’s impact on your security architecture
  • Cloud to SD-WAN considerations
  • Mobile access and the impact on the new WAN

Very helpful. Wish I had this guide when I was migrating my sites to SD-WAN.

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