RFP Template for your SD-WAN Project

SD-WAN is a key step in moving away from rigid and expensive MPLS towards a better network. If you are considering SD-WAN for your WAN transformation project, we put together an RFP template for you. Inside you will find a list of criteria and functional requirements that you can include in your RFP to assess if a vendor provides not only a functional SD-WAN solution but also the interlinked security, cloud, mobile, and global capabilities.

Use this RFP to determine what of your immediate and future requirements should be made part of your RFP today.

Built by Cato’s networking and security experts this RFP template covers:

  • Desired solution architecture
  • Functional requirements for SASE components: SD-WAN, Security, Cloud, Mobility, and Global connectivity
  • Management options including self-service and managed services
  • Service and support

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