SASE: The Architecture for the New Enterprise Perimeters

Gartner analysts Jeremy D’Hoinne and Steve Riley, in their recent research, “Securing the Enterprise’s New Perimeters” argue that the perimeter didn’t dissolve. It has, in fact, evolved into multiple perimeters around our cloud and physical data centers and applications, and across multiple access paths from branches and users. The analysts laid out different sets of products that are required to secure the different perimeters.

In our recent paper, “SASE: The Optimal Architecture to Secure and Connect the New Enterprise Perimeters”, we show how SASE’s converged and cloud-native architecture can address all enterprise perimeters with a single, unified, and coherent architecture. Why? SASE is uniquely positioned to overcome the lack of visibility and control introduced by the new perimeters.

To learn more about SASE, its architecture, and how it applies to the multiple perimeters and use cases within an enterprise undergoing a digital transformation, download our FREE white paper.

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