Frank Rauch Discusses the Impact Partners Have on Cato’s Success

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January 2023, Frank Rauch took on the pivotal role of Global Channel Chief at Cato Networks. This appointment marked a significant moment in Cato’s ongoing commitment to its global channel partner program. To shed light on the program’s value and its role in Cato’s success, we sat down with Frank and asked him to share his assessment after nine months on the job.

Q. Frank, can you explain how Cato Networks’ channel partner program aligns with Cato’s “Channel-First Company”, and how does this benefit Cato’s bottom line?

A. Our commitment to being a “Channel-First Company” means that our channel partners are at the forefront of our growth strategy. Our partner program is designed to empower our partners with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed. This alignment not only strengthens our relationships with partners but also ensures that they have the necessary resources to drive customer success. By fostering a robust partner ecosystem, we expand our market research and, in turn, boost our Partner’s profitability and Cato’s growth.

Q2. In a recent CRN story, Cato Networks was praised for its unique approach to SASE. How does the channel partner program contribute to this distinctiveness, and what advantages does it provide to partners?

A2. Cato’s unique approach to SASE is underpinned by our commitment to simplicity, security, and agility. Our channel partner program plays a vital role in this by equipping partners with our groundbreaking technology and enabling them to deliver exceptional value to their customers. Partners benefit from differentiated offerings, streamlined sales processes, and competitive incentives and unprecedented customer value allowing them to stand out in the market.

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Q3. Cato Networks has been recognized for its innovative Cato SASE Cloud platform. How does the channel partner program support partners in selling SASE Cloud solutions and ensuring their customers’ network security?

A3. SASE is the future of networking and security, and our channel partners are at the forefront of this transformation, enjoying an early adopter advantage. Our program offers extensive training, certification, and access to our SASE platform, enabling partners to deliver comprehensive security and networking solutions to their customers. This approach not only ensures our partners’ success but also reinforces Cato’s position as a leader in the SASE market.

Q4. In a Channel Futures story, you mentioned the importance of partner enablement. Can you elaborate on how Cato Networks empowers its channel partners to succeed and the impact it has on Cato’s global growth?

A4. Partner enablement is at the core of our strategy. We provide partners with continuous training, technical resources, and marketing support focused on the buyer’s journey and customer success. This enables them to serve as trusted advisors to their customers and positions Cato Networks as the go-to provider for secure, global SASE Cloud solutions. As our partners succeed, so does Cato, driving our global growth.

Q5. Cato Networks has established partnerships with some of the highest growth-managed service providers. How does the channel partner program facilitate collaboration with these key partners, and what advantages does it bring to both Cato and its MSP partners?

A5. Partnering with managed service providers is a strategic move for Cato Networks. Our channel partner program is designed to foster strong collaboration with MSPs, providing them with the tools and resources to seamlessly integrate our secure, global Cato SASE Cloud solutions. This collaboration enables us to reach a wider audience and deliver businesses comprehensive networking and security services. For Cato, it strengthens our position in the market as a trusted technology partner, while MSPs benefit from a powerful platform to offer enhanced services to their customers, ultimately driving mutual growth and success. The timing could not be better with customers focusing on security, networking, and resilience in an extremely complex market with more than four million security jobs open worldwide.

Q6. Lastly, Frank, can you provide some insights into what the future holds for Cato Networks’ channel partner program and its role in Cato’s ongoing success?

A6. The future is bright for our channel partner program. We will continue to invest in our partners’ success, expanding our portfolio and refining our support mechanisms. We see our partners as an extension of the Cato family, and their profitable growth is inherently tied to ours. Together, we will continue to redefine networking and security through SASE while reinforcing Cato’s position as a “Channel-First Company” dedicated to empowering partners and delivering exceptional results.

In conclusion, Frank’s perspective on Cato Networks’ global channel partner program highlights its critical role in Cato’s success as a “Channel-First Company.” By equipping partners with the tools they need to excel, Cato not only strengthens its relationships with partners but also expands its market research and continues to innovate in the SASE market. Cato Networks’ commitment to its channel partners is a testament to its dedication to providing top-tier networking and security solutions via SASE to businesses worldwide.

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