Introducing Cato EPP: SASE-Managed Protection for Endpoints

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Endpoints Under Attack

As cyber threats continue expanding, endpoints have become ground zero in the fight to protect corporate resources.  Advanced cyber threats pose a serious risk, so protecting corporate endpoints and data should be a high priority. 

Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPPs) are the first line of defense against endpoint cyber-attacks.  It provides malware protection, zero-day protection, and device and application control.  Additionally, EPPs serve a valuable role in meeting regulatory compliance mandates.  Multiple inspection techniques allow it to detect malicious activities and provide advanced investigation and remediation tools to respond to security threats.

However, simple EPP alone is insufficient to deliver the required level of protection.  In-depth endpoint protection requires a broader, more holistic approach to provide thorough security coverage.

Understanding EPP

EPP provides continuous endpoint protection and blocks malicious files activities.  It uses advanced signature-based analysis to scan hundreds of file types for threats and machine learning algorithms to identify and prevent malicious endpoint activity.  Heuristics and behavioral analysis perform real-time detection of anomalous characteristics. It can identify various threats, including fileless malware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), and evasive and stealthy file activity.

The importance of EPP providing comprehensive and proactive threat defense for users and devices cannot be overstated.  As the first layer of defense protecting endpoints, EPP becomes a necessary beginning of a broader security strategy.

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SASE-managed EPP: A Better Approach to Endpoint Protection

The next evolution of holistic endpoint protection is SASE-managed EPP.  This utilizes highly effective detection engines that combine pre-execution scanning for known threats and runtime analysis to detect anomalous and malicious activities.  Built into a SASE cloud platform, it provides greater insight into malicious behavior patterns to accurately identify relationships between network security and endpoint security events. 

A SASE-managed EPP provides security teams with a single management console to view and understand identified security incidents.  It also streamlines endpoint security management, making it easier to investigate and remediate threats.  This allows security teams to quickly secure enterprise endpoints, eliminate risk, and strengthen their security posture. 

Cato EPP is the Future of Endpoint Protection

As the industry’s first SASE-managed EPP solution, Cato EPP is the ideal endpoint solution to secure today’s enterprises.  Its protection combines pre-execution and runtime scanning techniques to detect known threats and unknown threats with malicious characteristics.  This allows it to capture early indicators of pending threats and enables dynamic and adaptive threat protection for all users and endpoints. 

Cato EPP provides is a holistic approach to securing the modern digital enterprise.  Being part of the Cato SASE Cloud platform, it provides greater visibility to identify related network security and endpoint events, and display them in a single management application. This is critical to providing security teams with enhanced analysis and investigation capabilities to quickly respond to potential threats, enabling them to take the necessary steps to eliminate endpoint risk and strengthen enterprise-wide security. 

Cato EPP delivers a better security experience and overcomes many of the security management issues plaguing today’s security teams.  With it, these teams are now better equipped to eliminate endpoint risk by deploying a more complete EPP solution. 

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