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The Need for Speed

The rapidly evolving technology and digital transformation landscape has ushered in increased requirements for high-speed connectivity to accommodate high-bandwidth application and service demands.  Numerous use cases, such as streaming media, internet gaming, complex data analytics, and real-time collaboration, require we go beyond today’s connectivity trends to define new ones.  Our ever-changing business landscape dictates that every transaction, every bit, and every byte will matter more tomorrow than it does today, so these use cases require a flexible and scalable network infrastructure to keep pace with innovation.

10G Enabling Industries

Bandwidth-hungry use cases continue to evolve, and the demand to accommodate them will continue to grow.  To accommodate these use cases, today’s organizations must aggregate multiple 1G links, which introduces its own set of issues, including configuration, reliability, scalability, and maintenance.  However, achieving these high-performance business requirements is now possible with 10 gigabits per second (10G) bandwidth, which is poised to become a key enabler of digital business. 10G has rapidly evolved into a necessity for modern digital companies, institutions, and governments, and all stand to benefit from this increased capacity.  So, whether it is telemedicine, enterprise networking, or cloud computing, the requirement for 10G bandwidth will be driven by the requirement for predictable and reliable user experiences. This will revolutionize modern-day use cases across numerous industries and bring about new business opportunities for customers and service providers alike. 

Another motivator for the move to 10G is the insatiable demand for scalable global connectivity.  This demand dictates optimized networking and capacity that scales with the business as non-negotiable requirements for the future of digital business. 10G can deliver on these demands to accelerate networking capabilities, allowing it to exceed previous constraints to improve performance.  However, despite the numerous enhancements 10G brings to modern bandwidth-hungry industries, an innovative platform that scales performance and ensures reliability is required to realize its full potential.

Achieving these benefits requires a unique architectural approach to scaling network capabilities while securely accelerating business innovation.  This approach extracts core networking and security functions from the on-prem hardware edge. It then converges them into a single software stack on a global cloud-native service, making it easier to expand existing capacity to 10G without expensive hardware upgrades. This requires a SASE service that delivers the enhanced performance needed for digital industries and achieves maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This is only possible with a powerful platform like Cato.

From Garage to Grid: How Cato Networks Connects and Secures the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team | Read Customer Story

More Efficient 10G with Cato SASE Cloud Platform

The Cato SASE Cloud platform is a global service built on top of a private cloud network of interconnected Points of Presence (PoPs) running the identical software stack. This is significant because the single-pass cloud engine (SPACE) powers the platform. Cato SPACE is a converged cloud-native engine that enables simultaneous network and security inspection of all traffic flows. It applies consistent global policies to these flows at speeds up to 10G per tunnel from a single site without expensive hardware upgrades.   This is only possible because of the power of Cato SPACE and improvements made to our core to enable faster performance at the cloud edge.

Cato provides customers and partners with multi-layered resiliency built into an SLA-backed backbone that drives improved 10G performance, security, and reliability without compromise.  Industries like manufacturing, media, healthcare, and performance sports present unique opportunities for predictable, reliable, high-performance experiences that only a robust platform can deliver.  The Cato SASE Cloud and 10G dramatically alter the performance conversation for transformational industries and bring a new digital platform approach to modernizing their networks. 

Cato SASE Cloud Platform and the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team

Cato has introduced 10G at the 2024 Tokyo E-Prix, the perfect venue to highlight Cato’s breakthrough performance. In the fast-paced world of Formula E, every second counts. The sport is intensively data-driven, where teams rely on their IT networks to analyze data and make critical, split-second strategy decisions to achieve a winning edge. Multiple computers in the car produce 100 to 500 billion data points per event, with more than 400 gigabytes of data generated and sent back to the cloud for analysis.

With 16 E-Prix this season, many in regions lacking Tokyo’s developed infrastructure, the ABB FIA Formula E Word Championship presents an incredible networking and security stress test. Cato SASE Cloud provides fast, secure, and reliable access to the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team, regardless of location.

To learn more about Cato SASE Cloud, visit us at 

To learn more about Cato’s partnership with the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team, visit us at  

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