finitia Ensures Reliable Connectivity and Security with Cato SASE Cloud from Inseya


finitia Ensures Reliable Connectivity and Security with Cato SASE Cloud from Inseya

Remote Access Security and Optimization
Secure Branch Internet Access


Custom management and technology services provider finitia ag needed a scalable solution that would provide location-independent connectivity and security for all edges – sites, remote users and cloud resources – as well as improving network performance and enabling rapid connection of new branches and cloud services with minimal technical effort. In addition, the solution should provide centralized management that enables corporate policies to be enforced at all times across all edges and connected cloud services. The new solution should also enable architecture firms, finitia’s customers, to work virtualized in a VMware environment via remote access without any loss of performance.


Swiss IT security specialist Inseya AG proposed an innovative approach to this challenge based on the SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) model that converges network connectivity and security into a cloud service and managed via a single console. At the heart of the new solution is the Cato SASE Cloud which connects and secures enterprise locations (the data center and branch office) and cloud resources (such as AWS, Azure, Microsoft Office 365 as well as other cloud services) and mobile users.

To connect new sites, finitia only had to install a Cato Socket, Cato’s zero-touch SD-WAN device, at each respective branch office. The Sockets establish encrypted tunnels across an existing Internet connection to the nearest Cato point of presence (PoP); Cato has 65+ PoPs worldwide. Once connected and admitted by the IT manager, the device automatically integrates the site into the overall enterprise network. Sockets send all outbound site traffic to the PoP, where networking and security policies get applied and traffic is then sent to the Internet or across the Cato global private backbone to its destination.


As a result of Inseya and the Cato SASE platform, finitia now has a stable connection for prioritized transmission of data such as image and voice. Thanks to intelligent routing of data traffic, critical data is protected from network failure. The entire networking and security infrastructure can be easily managed from a single console. Granular security and networking policies can be uniformly enforced on all edges.

Maximum transparency and detailed reporting of all IT activities simplifies administration. New locations, including home offices of finitia employees and customers, can be opened up quickly and securely. Users can work securely on multiple devices regardless of location and without any loss of performance. The IT department has less configuration and support work. This minimizes the risk of errors and keeps operating costs low. When modernizing the IT infrastructure, additional security components such as WAN firewalls and virus scanners can be purchased on a modular basis as required.