KRAMP streamlines networking and security with a managed Cato SASE solution by Videns


KRAMP streamlines networking and security with a managed Cato SASE solution by Videns

Affordable MPLS Alternative
Secure Cloud-Based SD-WAN
Global SASE

From Legacy MPLS to SASE

Kramp operates right across Europe, with offices in many countries from Russia to the United Kingdom and from the Nordics to Italy, as well as a purchasing office in China. Kramp has undergone strong growth in recent years, both organically and through a number of acquisitions. This resulted in a situation where the company had to maintain and manage multiple, different WAN and security solutions and technologies, which was highly inefficient in terms of cost and labor. For security purposes, Kramp used multiple on-premises solutions from Sophos and Cisco.

Jos Nieuwenhuis, Enterprise Architect at Kramp: “In our WAN landscape, a number of branch offices were connected via outsourced MPLS connections and other branch offices via VPN connections in combination with internet connectivity which we managed in house. At some locations, we used internet connections that were sourced locally which made it even more difficult to communicate with the provider.”

Key highlights from Jos:

“The fact that connectivity and security are combined within one single solution will help us drive down cost and improve our internal customers’ experience.”


“Traffic optimization within the managed SASE network ensures that we need less bandwidth than before. This built-in efficiency allows us to minimize the costs of our WAN without sacrificing performance.”


“Thanks to the consolidated solution, we were able to phase out various security point solutions and terminate service contracts we no longer needed.”

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