Kyocera Senco Improves Availability, Continuity, and Manageability

Continuity and availability have long been key attributes of enterprise WANs. But as companies turn to SD-WAN, achieving around the clock uptime and network availability is not always a given. Just ask Kyocera Senco. The Dutch-based specialist in fastening solutions had deployed its own SD-WAN solution. 

The performance was good, but we could not always guarantee the needed continuity. Downtime has a big impact on our business and after one time our systems were offline for half a day, we started looking for another solution, says Peter FluitsmaManaging Director of Kyocera Senco 

The company turned to Cato and Videns IT Services, a leading network-independent service provider of managed SD-WAN solutions, for help. Cato’s revolutionary global secure access service edge (SASE) service converges SD-WAN and network security capabilities into a global, cloud-native platform.  

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“One of the big benefits of Cato is that you don’t need extremely expensive hardware to build your connections. As a matter of fact, we have even better experience with basic equipment than with very advanced. The Cato software takes care of all intelligence around things like VPNs and firewalls.”
Jeroen Keet,Senior Network and System Architect, Kyocera Senco

About Kyocera Senco

Kyocera Senco Netherlands specializes in fastening solutions. The company had been using a self-built, self-managed WAN solution prior to Cato to connect its nine locations in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK.