Appliance Sprawl or Traffic Backhaul?


Securing Internet access in the branch office is a tough tradeoff between deploying security appliances everywhere or backhauling internet traffic to a secure location, overloading expensive MPLS links and impacting the user experience.



No Appliances and No Backhaul

Secure-Direct-Internet-Access with Cato

Cato connects all branch offices and remote locations to the Cato Cloud, providing enterprise-grade network security for any location without the need for dedicated appliances or traffic backhauling.

  • Direct Secure Internet access everywhere: Securely connect to the Internet through the nearest Cato PoP. No need to deploy a security appliance or backhaul traffic to a distant secure location
  • Network security expertise for your distributed enterprise: Cato and its partners can augment your IT staff with a managed service that can support all locations of your business.
  • Enterprise-grade security, cloud managed: Cato Security Services provide enterprise-grade security to all locations. Reduce exposure from commoditized UTM-class security appliances.

The network you have been waiting for is here.
Prepare to be amazed.