Secure Access and Authentication

SDP point solutions provide secure access to application resources.

Cato Cloud provides multi-factor authentication. Policy-based access restricts users to approved to applications on premises and in the cloud.

Continuous Protection

SDP point solutions rarely include continuous deep packet inspection (DPI) to protect against threats post authentication.

Cato Cloud provides continuous protection post authentication, applying deep packet inspection (DPI) to all traffic regardless of source and destination.


SDP point solutions require mobile users to access resources across the public Internet. The increased latency and packet loss of public Internet routing undermines the mobile experience.

Mobile users access resources, on premises and in the cloud, through Cato’s optimized backbone not the unpredictable public Internet.

SDP Architecture

SDP point solutions require specialized cloud gateways, server software, or services, complicating deployment and management.

SDP is an integral part of Cato Cloud’s support for secure and optimized mobile access requiring no additional hardware or server software.

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