Cato Networks makes CRN's Top 10 Coolest Security Startups

December 8th, 2015

With hundreds of security startups attending the RSA Conference this year, there’s plenty of noise in the security market when it comes to new entrants. All are looking to grab a piece of an exploding market for security technologies — a market that is expected by market researcher Gartner to reach $75.4 billion in 2015. The 10 startups that made CRN’s list this year of coolest security startups came to market with innovations in data security, mobile, cloud and more. They distinguished themselves through the year by nabbing top-notch executives, grabbing hefty amounts of venture capital funding and launching innovative solutions that aimed to solve the security challenges that plague businesses today.
Take a look at 10 security startups that stood out from the crowd this year.
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