Cato Networks SD-WAN Delivers Enterprise Call Quality and Resiliency

February 13th, 2019

RingCentral testing shows Cato enables high-quality voice even across sub-standard Internet with up to 15 percent packet loss

TEL AVIV, Israel, February 13, 2019 – Cato Networks, the leading provider of cloud-based SD-WAN, today announced that it has been certified as a connectivity partner by RingCentral, a leading provider of enterprise cloud communications, collaboration and contact center solutions. The certification was provided as a result of call quality and resiliency testing performed by RingCentral that demonstrated the ability to maintain enterprise call quality even with sub-standard network performance using SD-WAN from Cato Networks.

For far too long, supporting on-premises voice and video services has chained global enterprises to their Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks. With Cato Networks, enterprises can accelerate cloud communications migration using affordable, optimized, and predictable, global cloud connectivity.

“Cloud communications requires predictable, low-latency connections,” said Nick Fan, vice president of sales, Americas, at Cato Networks. “The Cato Cloud provides affordable premium cloud connectivity with the intelligence and performance needed to deliver a high-quality cloud communications experience across the globe.”

Cato and RingCentral Network Coverage
The global Cato network extends to more than 40 PoPs, many of whom share the same physical datacenter with RingCentral.

Through RingCentral’s testing, Cato Networks was able to guarantee high-quality voice calls even with more than 15 percent network packet loss. The RingCentral testing required calls to maintain MOS scores of 3.8 or higher, which is considered high quality.

“Many enterprises are deploying SD-WAN, as a leading technology to assure highest-levels of quality of service and availability,” said Curtis Peterson, senior vice president, cloud operations, RingCentral. “As part of our partner certification process, we tested Cato’s ability to deliver high-quality voice even under extremely poor network conditions. We found that Cato was able to accommodate more than 15 percent packet loss and still maintain a high-level of voice quality, which is a significant achievement in providing superior customer experience.”

Cato Networks connects all branch locations and the mobile workforce into RingCentral datacenters with a global, secure, and optimized cloud-native network. RingCentral access is optimized by:

  • Minimizing latency by carrying cloud communications traffic across Cato’s optimized and managed global network, not the public Internet, directly into the same physical datacenters shared with RingCentral.
  • Preventing congestion and last-mile packet loss that undermines voice quality with sophisticated upstream and downstream Quality of Service (QoS), traffic prioritization, and Policy-based Routing (PBR).
  • Compensating for brownouts and avoiding blackouts in the last mile with Active/Active Protection and Packet Loss Mitigation techniques.
  • Securing users and the corporate network against network-based attacks without the need for additional appliances or security services.
Configuring a network rule for cloud communications
Configuring a network rule for cloud communications is simply a matter of selecting “RingCentral” on the Cato management console.

To learn more about the Cato Networks and RingCentral partnership and experience first-hand Cato Network’s ability to deliver high-quality voice with even 15 percent packet loss, watch this brief webinar and demonstration or visit

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