End the Vicious Cycle of Network Security Appliances

December 1st, 2016

Appliances are a staple in our lives. We all depend on things like washing machines, dryers, stoves and refrigerators as part of our everyday routines. We love our appliances, and we feel comfortable with them. This comfort level may contribute to why so many businesses continue to rely on appliances for network security. But should we really treat security like we do our laundry, and execute the same cycle over and over again until the appliance burns out?

Like the latest home appliances, IT appliances are cool to look at, with sleek industrial designs, bright colors and trendy logos. Even cooler, they are usually stacked in racks with pretty lights, humming fans and the sound of billions of bits being processed to keep businesses operating and secure.

All seems well….until it’s not.

The appliance model is broken at its core. Adapting to regular appliance maintenance and replacement at home is annoying enough – don’t fall into the same trap for business needs. A world without IT appliances is possible, and it’s more secure.