Inside the deal: How the Porsche Formula E team uses Cato Networks to improve on-track performance

April 20th, 2023

As noted in the article:

Porsche Motorsport, which competes in the all-electric Formula E race series, has partnered with Cato Networks. The partnership helps Porsche streamline its data transfer from the cars on the track to its headquarters in Germany. Cato Networks’ SASE platform simplifies the transfer of data and reduces the network infrastructure administrative effort, while also providing a layer of much-needed security. With Cato, the data’s round trip time from the race site to HQ is approximately 80 to 100 milliseconds, the team is no longer dependent on latency and they can set up quickly, regardless of the conditions at each racing site. This ensures Porsche has the right infrastructure to help its racing team make more informed decisions in real-time so they can perform better on track. 

The two companies also have shared values on sustainability and plan on a long-term relationship.